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CHAOS ISLE: Survivors Character Upgrade Deck

She was born from a cesspool of mutating Virus and Zombi corpses; a toxic pit dug by the Survivors to dump their defeated enemies in. She is the manifestation of Dr. Z's lixir, arisen to exterminate the Survivors and to make the walking dead her immortal slaves.

The remaining Survivors, the last of the living, finally band together in a last desperate struggle for survival and to rid the Isle of the Virus-Infected Undead once and for all.

Survivors is a 28 card Character Replacement Upgrade for Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck. The deck contains every Character ever made for Chaos Isle, including those from the Promo Set, 6 brand new Characters, and the all-devouring Brood Mother, a killer of Zombies and Characters alike with her own special set of rules. All cards have brand new artwork and design. Also included are rules for Outbreak: an entirely new way to play the game using strategic cooperative play, and Split Personality: a new way to enhance Mission-Based game styles.

Requires the original Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck core game to play.