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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game

CHAOS ISLE: Rise of the Creator Expansion

The Virus, ever changing, has spread like a plague, holding the Isle hostage within its deathly grip. Zombis are mutating and hordes of the undead are being driven by powerful new masters. Heroes fight valiantly to save the Isle, but the virus-fueled undead seem impossible to overcome. The Virus has infected the Heroes as well, empowering them to perform amazing feats. Rather than using their newfound abilities to save the Isle, however, they have begun to work against each other in a desperate struggle for self preservation. The Creator will soon reign triumphant as the Isle swiftly falls into the hands of the Dead...

Rise of The Creator is a 30 card Player Interactive Enhancement for Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck. Now players can use the new Feat Deck to perform amazing actions to bolster their own Characters or to wreak havoc with the other players. Each hand plays different using the new Virus Deck. Attack each other with the 'Homicidal Characters' Virus or succumb to the Virus with 'The Virus Unleashed'. With 200 possibilities no hand will feel the same! Mutation cards now inhabit the Enemy Deck, making Zombis more powerful than ever and Tasks more treacherous. Also infesting the Enemy Deck are 2 new Boss Zombis.

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Requires the Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck base game to play.