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A Killer Card Game for 1-4 Campers and One Psycho!!


PSYCHOPATH is a ‘One vs. Many’ card game where one player acts as the Psychopath - a deranged killer attempting to hunt down and slay the Camper players using a variety of Actions and Items at his disposal. The Camper players try to survive the Psychopath’s attacks and hope for rescue using the Actions, Items, Allies and Skills available in their deck of cards. If the Psychopath manages to kill all the Campers, he wins the game! But if at least one Camper survives or manages to become Rescued, the Campers win! Psychopath can also be played as a Campaign, with both sides scoring points over a predetermined number of games.


PSYCHOPATH is presented with a campy B-Horror Movie flavor splashed with insane commentary and featuring over-the-top, sometimes gruesome, imagery!


Choosing Game Type and How to Win:

PSYCHOPATH can either be played as a Single Game or as a Campaign, with the Psychopath and Campers scoring points over the course of any number of games:


Single Game:

The Psychopath wins the game if he manages to kill all the Campers. A Camper is killed if they ever take more Wounds than the number of cards they hold in their hand, or if they ever must play or discard a card from their hand and they have none. The Campers win if one or more Campers become rescued, or if the Psychopath has no cards in his deck at the start of the draw phase and at least one Camper remains alive.



The players agree on a predetermined number of games that will be played before adding up all scores, or a predetermined score that the Campers or the Psychopath must reach first to win the game. At the end of every single game, the Campers score 1 point for each Camper that survived or was rescued. The Psychopath scores 1 point for each Camper he killed.


Game Play:

Psychopath is played in rounds. At the start of each round all players secretly select a card from their hand to be played as their starting card and place it face down on the table. When all players have done so, cards are then revealed to show the location each players is at: the Lake, the Cabin, the Shed, or the Woods. Campers unlucky enough to be at the same location as the Psychopath enter into a Struggle with him.

During this Struggle, the Psychopath and Campers take turns playing cards from their hand and using Keep in Play cards they have on the table they have previously put into play. Campers can play Allies, Skills, Items and Actions to bolster their defense, attempt to Escape or become Rescued, and to thwart the attacks made by the Psychopath. The Psychopath will play Items and Actions to cause Wounds to the Campers in order to weaken or kill them. After players in a Struggle have played all the cards they wish, Struggles are resolved with Campers losing cards from their hand of cards equal to the number of Wounds they suffered. If a Camper suffers more Wounds than the cards in their hand, they are killed! The Psychopath suffers his Wounds by discarding that number of cards from the top of his deck of cards. If, at the start of the next draw Phase, the Psychopath has no cards remaining in his deck, the surviving Campers escape and the game is over!

After all Struggles are resolved, if there are two or more Campers at the same location and they are not at the Psychopath's location, they may Collaborate by giving each other Items and Allies, and by strategizing (Campers cannot otherwise discuss strategy during the game). A new round then begins with the Campers each drawing a card from the Camper deck of cards and the Psychopath drawing cards from his deck to fill his hand of cards to its starting limit. Hand management is an important aspect of Psychopath; deciding when to play cards and when to save them in your hand for later use can mean the difference between Survival and Death!


Game Contents:

  • 126 Thick Game Cards (60 for the Psychopath, 66 for the Campers)
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Nice Shiny Box including a 4-Way Plastic Divider for the cards with Extra Space to hold Upcoming Expansions!



The PSYHCOPATH KIller Card Game contains realistic-looking scenes of Blood and Violence. Although the game is presented in a campy B-Horror Movie fashion, the scenes depicted on the cards may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised!

PSYCHOPATH Killer Card Game

  • A Killer Card Game for 1-4 Campers and One Psycho!!

    Reviewer & Player Comments

    "This is a take that game that has a really fun theme. If you have adults who want to play a card game where a killer is loose and trying to take out the other players then this game will be very interesting to you. This can be something that attracts horror fans." - Purge Reviews

    "I am most pleased with Psychopath. It’s a straightforward “take that” kind of game with a nice twist. The “one versus many” approach works well, keeping the game’s play well within its defined boundaries of the theme, and only serves to compliment it from start to finish...the game mechanic works brilliantly with the game’s theme. I lost track of time playing this game, which is an excellent sign." - Father Geek (Cyrus Kirby)

    "I cannot say this game is good wholesome fun for the family, but hot damn, I enjoyed myself. This is a great game to play with my friends, have a beer, sit back and try to survive.” - Parent Geek Player (from Father Geek review)

    "Excellent. I recommend it—great game with a deep theme, a fun narrative, and a wicked sense of humor." - Gamer Geek Player (from Father Geek review)

    "I really like the layout of the cards. Understanding what each card does under different circumstances is very intuitive, which goes a long ways towards making the game playable." - Gnomekin (Lowell Kempf: BGG Reviewer and Patron)

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