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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game


For all of you who have wished for an antidote to the Zombi Virus, now you have a chance to return your character to life after contracting Dr. Zycheck's loathsome disease!

Game Set Up: Card set up is the same as the main game. The game is best played using the Main Rules, although it should work with most other game styles as well. 

Rules: In Resurrection, there is the possibility of returning your character to life after having been turned into a Zombi. If successful this would mean that your character continues on his quest to complete his Mission and is no longer a Zombi. There are 2 ways this can happen. First, if an Event-Medical Assistance card is drawn you would remove 2 hits from your character and he would return to life (with 2 Life remaining). Second, every time you score a Hit on another character when you are a Zombi, you may look through that player's collected Enemy cards and select any one card that contains a Virus resource and add it to your collected Enemy cards. When you have acquired as much Virus as your Life, you may discard that amount of Virus. In this case your character has returned to Life and all Hits are removed from your character.

Mission-Acquire Virus Samples: In a Campaign, when playing this game style, this Mission is worth 5 points.