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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game


Like to turn your kids into Zombies but they're too young to understand the game? Teach them to play Toddler Zombi Hunt!

Game Set Up: From the Enemy Deck select 2 of each Zombi type (obviously The Creator is not used) until you have 8 pairs. Place them face down and mix 'em up. Keep the cards face down and arrange them four rows across and four rows down.

Multi-Player Rules: Player selects 2 cards and flips them over to reveal the faces. If the faces are a match the player takes both cards for himself. If the faces do not match, the cards are turned face down once again in the same position and play passes to the next player. Play continues in this fashion until all the cards have been paired up. The player with the most pairs wins!

Solo Rules: The goal here is to match up all the Zombis before succumbing to the Virus. The player selects 2 cards at a time and flips them over, revealing the card faces. When a match is found the player removes both cards from the play area. Every time the cards do not match the player takes a Hit. If the player takes 10 hits before matching up all the Zombis he has succumbed to the Virus and the Zombis win. If the player matches up all the Zombis before taking 10 Hits he has defeated the Zombis!

Adjusting the Level of Difficulty: To make the game easier add more of the same Zombi type. To increase the difficulty increase the cards used in the game from 8 pairs to a higher number. "False" cards that do not have a match can also be added to increase the difficulty, such as The Creator, a Task and an Event.