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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game


Enjoy our very own highly original Zombie-Themed Card Game plus FOUR Expansions, Zombie Dice and Glass Counters!

What's Included:
  • Includes the Base Game and the First 4 Expansions!
  • 8 Zombie-themed Dice and pouch in plastic case!
  • 50 colored Glass Hit Counters and pouch in plastic case!

  • Up to 6 people can play
  • Can be played Solo, Competitively or Cooperatively
  • 168 Full Color Illustrated Cards
  • High Quality Card Stock with Glossy Finish
  • More Expansions available
  • Multiple Ways to Play with Different Game Styles
  • Full Game Support from our Web Site
  • Additional Free Content Available from our Web Site

ALL FOR JUST $29.95 !!