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CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck base game

It seems the Unbalanced scientist, Dr. Zycheck, has gone a little overboard with his experiments in his search for Immortality, and the Isle has become overrun with his Zombi monstrocities. Can you escape from the Isle before being added to their menu? Or perhaps you've got just enough nerve to try to create a vaccine to end the madness. Maybe you'll just end up as a Zombi yourself...

Chaos Isle is a non-collectible zombie-themed card game that can be played Solo or by 2-6 players using just a single deck. Each deck consists of 102 vividly illustrated cards, including Missions, Characters, Equipment, Enemies, Tasks and Events. Chaos Isle gives players 4 different ways to play, with 2 more new ways provided in each Expansion Set. The main game style is the Campaign, with each player assuming the role of one of the characters. Players attempt to complete their mission before the other players complete theirs, all the while fending off 10 different Zombi enemies. Killed by a Zombi? Not to worry! Become the Zombi that killed you and begin attacking the surviving characters!

Chaos Isle is easy to learn and quick to play, and provides enough strategy to keep experienced gamers entertained while possessing enough randomness to accommodate beginners; giving them a chance to win as well.

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