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PSYCHOPATH Killer Card Game



2022 RealmsMasters Game Forge

About This Game:

Psychopath is a ‘One vs. Many’ card game where one player acts as the Psychopath - a deranged killer attempting to hunt down and kill the Camper players using a variety of Actions and Items at his disposal. The Camper players try to survive the Psychopath’s attacks and hope for rescue using the Actions, Items, Allies and Skills available in their deck of cards. If the Psychopath manages to kill all the Campers, he wins the game. If at least one Camper survives or manages to become rescued, however, the Campers win. Psychopath can also be played as a Campaign, with both sides scoring points over a predetermined number of games.

Game Contents:

126 Thick Game Cards (60 for the Psychopath, 66 for the Campers)

1 Rulebook

1 Nice Shiny Box including a 4-Way Plastic Divider for the cards with Extra Space to hold Upcoming Expansions!


The Psychopath card game contains realistic-looking scenes of Blood and Violence. Although the game is presented in a humorous B-Horror Movie fashion, the scenes depicted on the cards may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised!

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