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PROPHECY Board Game by Altar Games Rare 1st Edition


2002 Altar Games

This is the VERY RARE 1st EDITION!

Product Description

Does the blood of the ancient kings run in your veins? Do you have the power to wrest the powerful artefacts from the Astral Planes and become our king? There is only one way to find out...

Each player becomes a character and enters a world of brigands, thieves, demons and undead. But there are also friendly denizens whom you can encounter, skills you can learn, ways to improve yourself physically and mentally, items you can buy or find, and wondrous treasures you can discover. When you are strong enough you must attack the astral planes and fight the demons for the most powerful objects in the game - the astral artefacts. But you are not the ony player with such ambitions. Only one can become King and fulfill the Prophecy!

2-5 Players aged 10 to Adult

USED - Game is in Overall Very Good Condition. Parts and Board are Excellent. Box has typical shelf wear. Game is Complete.

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