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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game


Solo Play Extended Rules


Event Cards

Change Mission: Draw another Mission from the Mission deck.

Enemies Captured: Draw the topmost available Zombi from the Discard Pile. If no Zombi is available, no Zombi is gained.

Enemies Escape: Shuffle your stack of captured Enemy Cards and then discard the topmost card.



Exterminator Zombi: Shuffle your stack of captured Enemy Cards and then reveal the topmost card. The Exterminator(s) will attack that Enemy card. Do this each time an Exterminator attacks your captured Zombis.


Coiler (Acid Spit): The Coiler will attempt to destroy the Equipment Card placed closest to your Character.



Salty (Thievery): Salty’s Thievery ability is used against the Equipment Deck. If he succeeds at making his own Fate roll, he steals the top card from the Equipment deck.

Father Spinelli (Hypnotic Umbrella): If you have this character, be sure to shuffle all the remaining characters and place them face down. Father Spinelli’s Hypnotic Umbrella ability is used against the Character deck. When using this ability, the player draws the top card from the Character deck. If this character fails his Fate roll then Father Spinelli’s ability is successful. If that character is killed it is removed from the Character deck for the remainder of the game. Each time Father Spinelli attempts to use his ability the Character deck should be shuffled and the top card drawn.