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Kenny Checkers

AKA: Uncle Checkers


As large as a full grown Penguin when he was born, Kenny Checkers entered our world with a bang. Within days he was orphaned; his mother dying from childbirth, his father from drink after seeing what he had produced for offspring. But none of this mattered to Kenny as a boy. He was a resourceful child and knew how to make an income to care for himself. By the age of 6 he was clearing five G’s a week as a firm-handed Pimp and living in a lavish Penthouse apartment. At age 12 he had retired from the daily rigors of dealing with high-maintenance prostitutes and had built a casino where gambling now paid his rent. An avid gambler, womanizer and drinker of Penguin Ale, Kenny, now affectionately known as “Uncle Checkers”, was right at home in his casino. Then, just as quickly as he’d built his empire, it all came crashing down. One disaster after another (busted for tax evasion, Penguin Ale stocks plummeted, casino burned to the ground etc.) led to his downfall and by the age of 18 he found himself sponging off his former employees for booze, women and a place to crash. When he had soaked all he could from all he knew and worn out his welcome everywhere, he managed to get himself together for a modest comeback. Returning to his roots he pimped himself out as a nude dancer and male lover at various parties throughout the Isle, making a decent pay and becoming somewhat of a celebrity among the elite. Kenny was living in a trailer park when the Zombis first emerged. He was outside working on his tan when a band of Feeders broke into his trailer and consumed every last drop of his stash of Penguin Ale. Infuriated at what they had done he crushed all their skulls with his meaty fists. Uncle Checkers now roams from abandoned home to abandoned home in search of booze and babes, while his penchant for alcohol has built within him an immunity to some of the attacks by the more potent Zombis.


Mayamia Alonzo Conchita Ramirez

AKA: Maya


Dolls, jewelry, plastic play stoves…not the kinds of toys Maya ever played with as a child. Hand grenades, machetes and machine guns were more to her liking. This early fascination with weapons as playthings may have been facilitated by the fact that her father, Stewie “the Maniac”, was the head of a Mercenary for Hire group called Penguins With Guns. Tragedy struck for Maya when her father was swallowed whole by a massive Corpse Grinder shortly after the outbreak. Since that time she has been laying waste to any Zombi that crosses her path. She has saved many on the Isle from becoming a Zombi’s next meal and doesn’t hesitate when offered money for her assistance. In fact, she doesn’t hesitate to extract it when it’s not offered either. For a short period of time Maya formed her own small group of mercenaries, calling the group Saviors of the Isle, but it didn’t last long because the other members of the group felt the name was lame and they left. Unfortunately for them, without Maya’s skills to lead them, they soon became Zombi snacks. The t-shirts created for the group (“Say NO to Zombis!”) did make a lasting impression, however, selling over 10,000 units until a flock of Stalkers infiltrated the Penguin Printing Co. and destroyed all of the equipment. Over the past few months Maya has slaughtered numerous Zombis, thinning their ranks as only she can do. Unfortunately, her actions have made her presence known to The Creator, and he stalks her mercilessly throughout the isle with ingenious plans to transform her into a powerful Zombi hybrid to be used as his killing slave. Now, Maya spends much of her time on the run and in hiding. However, she will still make the occasional stop to help the occasional victim, and to extract the occasional service fee!



Professor Mortimus Philbin

AKA: Professor Mort


When he was growing up as a kid, Mortimus had a fixation for the dead. He used to slowly torture frogs, worms and penguins until the life slowly flowed from their bodies…for observation purposes, of course. As a teen, science became his master, and he mastered it as well. Eventually he learned to combine his two favorite subjects and by the age of fifteen he managed to create an entirely new species by fusing together the body of a frog with the wings and head of an owl. This success gave him the confidence to seek employment at the Chaos Isle Lab of Secret Experimentation, and after a brief demonstration of his skills he was hired to assist under the watchful eye of the unknown scientist, Dr. Zycheck. Believing the Doctor was attempting to create new vaccines to ward off diseases in hamsters, Mortimus placed himself at the doctor’s disposal and threw himself into his work. Unfortunately, after years of experimentation and serving coffee to his boss, Mortimus began to realize that Dr. Zycheck had an entirely different agenda. Upon discovering just what that agenda was, Zycheck demoted Mortimus from Assistant to Experiment. After months of serving as Dr. Zycheck’s guinea pig, Mortimus finally broke free and secluded himself in a cave on the far side of the isle, keeping himself both warm and fed by making frugal use of the Isle’s many penguins. After Dr. Zycheck infected himself with the virus and all hell broke loose, Mortimus extracted himself from his cavernous dwellings to help his fellow islanders. After much brave fighting he began to realize its futility and barricaded himself in the old Lab where he once worked. He spent weeks trying to figure a way to prevent Zycheck’s Zombi hordes from taking over the entire Isle and wiping out its remaining inhabitants. Soon after he emerged with an army of Exterminators; cyber-zombis created specifically to cleanse the Isle of Dr. Z’s monstrosities. Unfortunately, no one is quite sure what will happen after the Exterminators achieve their goal…


Lunicelli Spinelli
AKA: Father Spinelli

Yes, it is true; Lunicelli Spinelli’s original desire was to become a monk. He grew up in a monastery tending pigs, goats and penguins and spending his free time as a peeping tom. This latter activity continued to hold his interest throughout his teen years and into adulthood, often causing him to be referred to by his peers as ‘The Peeping Priest’. This antagonism forced him to rebel and he soon started sporting leather clothing, body piercings, wigs and tattoos. Eventually Spinelli grew out of that phase and settled down to take the priesthood more seriously. After a decade of devotion to the church he became Chaos Isle’s Head Priest. Unfortunately, not soon after came the Zombis and the church was one of the first buildings destroyed in their wake. Father Spinelli lost all of his followers and barricaded himself in the church cellar with a stash of food, wine and his impressive pornographic magazine collection he’d amassed over the years. He was getting along just fine in his self imposed exile until his barricades were broken down by a herd of Corpsemares. Unable to catch him, they instead sated themselves with his magazine collection. When Spinelli returned the next day to reclaim his belongings he was enraged to discover his collection half-eaten and in tatters. Hunting Zombis has become his new mission as a result of this atrocity.


Sir Charles Shaggameyer
AKA: Salty

Sir Charles Shaggameyer has spent most of his life in prison, being continuously sent there for reasons ranging from rum running and shoplifting to indecent exposure and hamster harvesting. Over the years Sir Charles has become known to his inmate pals as ‘Salty’, for reasons known only to them. Salty’s passion for hamsters is legendary among his inmate friends. When in prison, Salty has used them to entertain the inmates and guards with his trademark ‘Hamster Hoe Downs’, dressing them up like little cowboys and training them to dance to wild hillbilly music. He has also occasionally loaned them out to various inmates for small fees for a night of ‘companionship’ and cuddling. Salty’s reputation as a kind and gentle old man inside the prison walls does not follow him in the outside world. There he is known as a filthy old dolt of brazen thievery. Many a pet shop throughout the Isle has tasted the wrath of his destructive raids and many a mother strolling her baby in the park has nearly had a heart attack at the sight of his unwashed naked flesh. When the zombi breakout occurred, Salty was relaxing at home in his trailer at Penguin Park, lovingly stroking his hamsters and cleaning them with Vaseline. A flock of Stalkers suddenly descended upon his abode and tore off the ceiling. Spotting the tasty hamsters they went berserk trying to catch them and eat them. In the fray Salty made his escape. Now he’s looking to get back into prison, back to the safety of his comfy old cell. Did we mention that Sir Charles ‘Salty’ Shaggameyer is a millionaire?