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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game


There are many different ways to play Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck.

A Brief Overview of Some of the Different Game Styles:

From the Core Game: Mission-Based Game
Each player selects a random character, mission (which is kept secret), and 2 equipment. The goal is to complete your mission before the other players complete theirs. Players take turns drawing from the enemy deck (which contains zombis, tasks and events) and making decisions to run from or fight zombis, or to attempt tasks. Zombis carry different kinds of resources and killing them adds these resources to your mission. If a player is killed by a zombi he is transformed into that zombi and now begins to attack the remaining characters. In a campaign (playing to a certain number of points) players score points for completing missions and killing characters as zombis.

From the Fresh Meat expansion: Zombi Master
Players use only the zombis in the game, battling each other with their own zombi armies. Each player takes a turn selecting one of his available zombis to attack a chosen zombi target of another player. Defeated zombis are added to a player's 'corpse pile' and their total resources are added at the end of a hand to determine the winner.

From the Reinforcements expansion: Extermination
Each player selects a random character, 2 equipment, and adds 2 Exterminator zombis to his hand. Players take turns drawing from the enemy deck and attempting to kill as many zombis as possible. The player with the most zomi kills wins the game.

From The Lunatics expansion: Save the Isle
In this game style players work as a team. On each player's turn 2 cards are drawn from the enemy deck for each player in the game. Players work together to defeat all the zombis that have been drawn. Tasks can be attempted and events mix up the action. Players that are killed still fight for the remaining players as zombis, but if all the characters are turned into zombis the players lose. Players must defeat all the zombis in the deck for ultimate success. This style provides the most strategy.