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The Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck Limited Edition Boxed Set. Contains the Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck core game, all 5 Expansions and MORE. Sold exclusively from our website.

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What Has Come To Pass
It wasn’t long ago that Dr. Zycheck’s experiments for immortality went awry and he was transformed into the undead thing known as The Creator. Further experimentation with creatures both living and dead quickly caused the Isle to become overrun with his Zombi monstrosities. Many tried to escape the Isle and others barricaded themselves in their cellars hoping to ride out the storm, while a few brave heroes did what they could to end the madness. Most didn’t make it. Professor Mortimus Philbin, Dr. Zycheck’s former assistant, rose to challenge The Creator with his self-made army of Exterminators, designed to do battle with Dr. Z’s minions. Unfortunately, the Exterminators were nothing more than mindless Cyber Zombis who slaughtered the living when the walking dead weren’t available as targets.

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, the Virus began to transform and spread like a plague, holding the Isle hostage within its deathly grip. Zombis began to mutate and hordes of the undead were being driven by powerful new masters. The heroes fought valiantly to save the Isle, but the virus-fueled undead seemed impossible to overcome. The Virus had infected the Heroes as well, however, empowering them to perform amazing feats that could be used to stop the onslaught. But rather than using their newfound abilities to save the Isle, they began to work against each other in a desperate struggle for self-preservation.

The Creator stood to reign triumphant as the Isle swiftly fell into the hands of the dead, but the Brood Mother emerged from a vile cesspool of the darkest Virus. A creature with an insatiable appetite for both the living and the dead, she began to even the odds. Now, in the Isle’s darkest hour, The Creator, the Brood Mother, and the survivors of Chaos Isle face off in a final battle to either save the Isle, or doom it forever.

Game Overview
Chaos Isle is a zombie-themed card game that can be played solo or by up to 6 players using just a single deck. The game is played using cards separated into 6 different decks, including Mission, Character, Equipment, Feat, Virus and Enemy cards consisting of Tasks, Events and Zombis. Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck places each player in the role of one of the Characters, with each attempting to be the first to complete their mission and all the while fending off 13 different Zombi enemies.

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  • 1 game box
  • 175 cards
    • 86 Enemy cards (including 3 Boss Zombis, 14 different Zombi types, Tasks, Events and Mutations)
    • 28 Character cards (including the dreaded Brood Mother!)
    • 27 Equipment cards (including the Stalker Limb, Zombi Trap and the Shredder!) 
    • 12 Mission cards (Rescue Survivors, Create a Vaccine, Infect the Food Supply, Save Starving Orphans and More!)
    • 12 Feat cards (screw your opponents over or kick some serious Zombi ass with 36 possible choices)
    • 10 Virus cards (alter the way each hand is played: 200 different possibilities!)
  • 200 card sleeves
  • 50 colored glass Hit counters
  • 2 Zombie Dice
  • 1 plastic storage case
  • 10 plastic card dividers
  • 1 28-page full color rule booklet