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HUNTER THE RECKONING Storytellers Handbook RPG Book by White Wolf WW8121 HC


2001 White Wolf Games

Hunters have been exposed to the truth of the World of Darkness - that monsters exist, preying upon humanity - and they confront their oppressors. But how do the world and monsters respond to these dangerous people? Does the supernatural even notice them? Is hunters' crusade in vain? Hunter: The Reckoning tells the stories of people who are chosen to witness monsters and are forced to come to grips with creatures' existence. But what do monsters think of these upstart mortals? How do you as Storyteller keep hunters ignorant of the whole truth now that they've glimpsed it? How do you terrify your players and their characters? The Hunter Storytellers Handbook answers these questions and helpss you get the most out of your Hunter chronicle.

USED: Very Good Condition with tight spine, no writings, markings or stains.See pics for more details.

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