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  CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck 

~ Apocalypse ~
A New Expansion for CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck

Paradise Can Only Last So Long…

First, Dr. Zycheck created the Lixir and drank of its promise of immortality, but instead of discovering the secret to eternal life, all he found was an eternal living death and was horribly transformed into the vile monstrosity known as The Creator. By his hand the vacation paradise was turned into a slathering orgy of hideous slithering, crawling, flying, dead things that multiplied by feasting on the warm flesh of the living. And then things started to go bad. The Virus mutated, changing the living and the dead alike, trying to control them with its evil manipulations. With The Creator poised to claim his rule as Master of the Dead, the last of the living finally united to end his reign of undead terror. But the Virus had continued to mutate and was personified in the Brood Mother. Owing a kinship to neither Zombi nor the living, she consumed all in her path. Now the time for reckoning has come. Will the Isle and then the world succumb to either The Creator’s insatiable lust for flesh or the Brood Mother’s consumption of all that exists? Or perhaps the last few Survivors will somehow rise to the challenge and put an end to the Chaos…



The Apocalypse deck adds tension and a sense of impending doom to the CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck game. Players draw a card from the Apocalypse deck at the beginning of their turn and resolve one of its five card types: Zombi, Equipment, Ally, Location or Doomsday cards. Some cards may assist the player, while others will add to the difficulty of their turn. Doomsday cards can change things dramatically, affecting one or more players or even the game itself. Typically, if the conditions determined by its “Immediate Effect” cannot, or are not met, the card is added to the “Doomsday Track”. When the Doomsday Track reaches its limit, the Apocalypse is triggered and all hell breaks loose!


Compatibility with Other Chaos Isle Expansions

The Apocalypse expansion for Chaos Isle requires the original Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck base game to play and works just fine with all other Chaos Isle expansions. Apocalypse works particularly well with The Rise of The Creator expansion and references to some of the card types for that expansion can be found on the Apocalypse cards.


Game Contents

  • Full Color 2-sided Instruction sheet
  • Deck of 37 Apocalypse cards in 5 Types:
    • 20 Doomsday cards
    • 6 Equipment cards
    • 2 Ally cards
    • 6 Zombi cards
    • 3 Location cards