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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game



~ Our Company ~

Welcome, oh wary traveler, to the website of RealmsMasters Game Forge. We are an Independant Game Development and Publishing Company and the creators of the Zombie-themed card game Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck. Our company was founded in 2006 by Zombie-loving friends eager to Unleash the Virus they had created upon the world. After a lot of experimentation, some spilled Virus Samples, a few revisions and a couple of printing companies, Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck was officially released in August of 2008. Six Expansions have since been released for the game.

Remember to Spread The Virus and be sure to Infect your Friends as well, and visit often to check out our updates or to enhance your experience by catching The Virus!